Author/Illustrator Adrienne Yorinks Adrienne Yorinks is an artist who “paints” with fabrics. Her textile art, revealing her unique artistry and vision, has been exhibited throughout the world. She is perhaps best known for her one-of-a-kind commissions. Adrienne creates unique memory quilts using her client’s photographs and family mementos to commemorate special occasions. Her clients have included the AFL-CIO, the City University of New York, Sony Metreon, the UJA as well as numerous private commissions.

Adrienne has fabrics produced in Africa, India, New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, Japan and China as well as fabrics from other countries which are more difficult to get that friends and colleagues have sent to her after visiting there. She has fabrics as old as 1820, one of which she used in the jacket illustration for The Last Will and Testament of an Extremely Distinguished Dog (Henry Holt). When working with vintage fabrics, Adrienne even loves the smell of the cottons as she irons them.

Adrienne loves fabric so much that she works for Lyndhurst Studio, a division of Northcott Monarch, a fabric company that produces her designs. When she was a child, she made doll clothes for all of her dolls creating many outfits from felts and fake furs.

Adrienne had a whole other career as "The Galloping Groomer" where she went into people's homes in New York City and Westchester and groomed their dogs and cats. She even got to work on NYPD dogs from the Bomb Squad.

Adrienne has written and illustrated several books, including Quilt of States (National Geographic), The Alphabet Atlas (Winslow Press), and Stand For Children (Hyperion). She lives in New Jersey with her husband and children.

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